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A. Road Tax
B. Road use charge/Tolls
C. Dues for Disinfection of Vehicles
D. Vehicle Weighing / Measuring

A. Road Tax

The road tax levied on foreign vehicles entering or transiting through Bulgaria and registered in countries with which Bulgaria has entered road transport agreements is determined on the basis of reciprocity established in such agreements.
This tax is levied on:

  • All foreign-registered buses and coaches operating occasional tourist services as well as those operating regular services, subject to authorisation, or shuttle services, with the exception of those registered in countries, with which are signed mutual agreements - on the base of reciprocity.
  • Buses and coaches registered in the above-mentioned countries if the transport operator is not the holder of a valid Bulgarian authorisation for a regular bilateral/transit transport or shuttle passenger transport line, or if the authorisation is not accompanied by a sketch of the planned route, the schedule and the authorisation issued by the competent authorities of the country of destination.
  • Foreign-registered buses and coaches undertaking bilateral passenger transport operations, if the Bulgarian authorities discover an irregularity in the passenger list on the vehicle's entry to or exit from Bulgaria. The same taxes are levied on foreign-registered buses and coaches in transit through Bulgaria if, on checking the passenger list, the Bulgarian authorities discover that passengers have embarked or disembarked on Bulgarian territory.
Road Tax Rates:
  • Passenger buses and coaches with a registered capacity of more than 9 seats, including the driver's seat, entering or transiting through Bulgaria and not covered by the exemptions mentioned above, are subject to a tax of EUR 50.
  • Coaches travelling empty are subject to the same rate of tax.
  • This tax is collected at border crossing points, in convertible currency according to the official daily exchange rate of the National Bank of Bulgaria. It is collected on each entry into Bulgaria, with the exception of border traffic on which it is collected once a day, irrespective of the number of entries.

B. Road Use Charge/Tolls

Road use charge
As of 1st April 2004 a vignette charging system for all road vehicles (excluding passenger cars) with Bulgarian and foreign registration using the Bulgarian road network for certain periods of time has been implemented. As from 1st January 2005 the vignette will also become compulsory for passenger cars (passenger vehicles with up to 8 seats, excluding the one for the driver).

Competent Authority in charge of the vignette system

The control over observing the obligation for payment of vignette charge by foreign drivers using the national roads is responsibility of special units of the Road Executive Agency at the border crossing points. The Road Executive Agency is subordinate to the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works.

Distribution and sale of vignettes for foreign drivers

The various types of vignettes could be bought (in EUR or in USD) at special sales points marked by indicative boards with inscription "ROAD CHARGING POINT" at the border crossing points, working 24 hours per day. The complete list of the aforementioned stations for sale of vignettes is given below:

  1. Border crossing point Kalotina - tel.:072/74115
  2. Border crossing point Vrashka tchuka - tel.:0938/2023
  3. Border crossing point Bregovo - tel.:09312/2331
  4. Border crossing point Vidin - ferry terminal - tel.:094/602023
  5. Border crossing point Oriahovo - tel.:0917/14284
  6. Border crossing point Rousse - Danube bridge - tel.:082/845993
  7. Border crossing point Rousse - ferry terminal- tel.:082/843785
  8. Border crossing point Silistra - tel.: - tel.:086/820457
  9. Border crossing point Kardam - tel.:057/33235
  10. Border crossing point Durankulak - tel.:057/48277
  11. Border crossing point Varna - ferry terminal - tel.:051/122456
  12. Border crossing point Bourgas - ferry terminal - tel.:056/845109
  13. Border crossing point Malko Tarnovo - tel.:059/524223
  14. Border crossing point Kapitan Andreevo - tel.:0379/71432
  15. Border crossing point Novo selo - tel.:0379/71679
  16. Border crossing point Kulata - tel.:0745/61070
  17. Border crossing point Zlatarevo - tel.:0745/61080
  18. Border crossing point Stanke Lissitchkovo - tel.:07415/4001
  19. Border crossing point Gyueschevo - tel.:078/50981
  20. Border crossing point Strezimirovtzi - tel.:077/34281
  21. Border crossing point Oltomantzi - tel.:078/50983
NOTE: For dialing Bulgaria you have to add +359 before the telephone number.

The vignette

The vignette consists of two parts. The first one - called a vignette sticker - should be stuck in a prominent place to the bottom right corner of the front window of the road vehicle (this requirement will be in force as from the 1 January 2005) and the second one is kept by the driver of the vehicle. As the validity of the vignette expires the driver of the road vehicle is obliged to immediately take off the vignette sticker from the window.

Vignette types

  • Depending on the term of validity of the vignette:
    • Daily vignette - valid for the day marked on the vignette;
    • Weekly vignette - valid for 7 days in a row including the day of issuing;
    • Monthly vignette - valid until the same day of the following month as the date of issuing. If this day is non-existing (for example 31), the vignette is valid until the last day of the following month;
    • Annual vignette - covering the time from 1 January to 31 December - 12 months.

  • Depending on the category of the road vehicle:
    • Road vehicle 1st category: all freight vehicles with two or more axles, road trains, special construction equipment, autocranes, special trailers for transport of heavy or oversized cargo and other special motor vehicles with maximum permitted gross weight 12 t or more.
    • Road vehicle 2nd category: all passenger transport vehicles with more than 8 seats excluding the driver's seat and all freight vehicles with two axles, as well as construction equipment, autocranes, special trailers for transport of heavy or oversized cargo and other special motor vehicles, all of them with two axles and with maximum permitted gross weight less than 12 t.
    • Road vehicle 3rd category: all passenger transport vehicles with not more than 8 seats; freight vehicles and/or vehicles for transport of passengers and goods with maximum permissable gross weight up to 3,5 t.

Vignette charges

Vignette charges (EUR) for motor vehicles:
  daily weekly monthly annual
1st category 7 31 88 537
2nd category 7 18 49 281
3rd category - 5 13 34


Special cases

If the validity of the vignette expires: If on leaving the country it was found that the term of the vignette has expired, the foreign driver should buy a vignette with validity covering the exceeded period (but no less than the value of an weekly vignette).

Danube Bridge

The tolls levied for the bridge across the Danube between the towns of Rousse (Bulgaria) and Giurgiu (Romania) as from 1st of January 2009 are as follows:
•  private cars - EUR 2
•  coaches with more than 9 seats and up to 23 seats - EUR 12
•  coaches with more than 23 seats - EUR 25

  • NB: tolls are levied before crossing the bridge in the direction of Giurgiu; they are levied on all vehicles, regardless of their country of registration.

  • C. Dues for Disinfection of Vehicles

    If the situation so requires, and in view of the danger of the introduction of infections or contagious diseases at the Bulgarian border posts, certain vehicles must undergo disinfection. This disinfection is part of the duties of the competent authorities at the border posts, and the relevant charges are detailed in the Tariff for the charges, which are collected by the National Veterinary-medical Service. As from 1.01.2006 the charges for disinfection of foreign-registered passenger vehicles are as follows:

    • cars - EUR 2
    • buses / coaches - EUR 5

    D. Vehicle Weighing/Measuring

    • coach - EUR 3
    • reweighing/remeasuring - EUR 7

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