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AEBTRI is a non-profitmaking organisation whose members include companies and establishments which are directly or indirectly concerned with road transport of passengers and goods. The Association is involved in representing and supporting its members, securing their interests at national and international levels.

AEBTRI enjoys a full membership status in the International Road Transport Union (IRU). At national levels, the Association provides co-operation to all competent authorities concerned with road transport.

At international levels, the Association maintains close connections with the International Federation of Forwarding Agents Associations (FIATA), with the International Prevention of road Accidents (PRI), with expert groups within the Inland Transport Committee to ECE-UN in Geneva, with General Directorate VII (Transport) to the EU Commission, with ECMT, and with other national Associations.

AEBTRI is the national guarantee association concerning the TIR system in Bulgaria. It’s services include:
  • issuance and coverage of liability with respect to TIR carnets
  • professional information for road transport operations in all European countries, and in the countries within the Near East region (system "TRANS-INFO")
  • publishing activities
  • consulting services and assistance to Bulgarian hauliers
  • technical inspections with respect to classification of tourist buses and coaches according to the requirements of the IRU International System for Classification of Tourist Buses and Coaches
  • training courses for drivers engaged in transport of dangerous goods by road.
Currently, AEBTRI occupies a position where issues relating to road transport business in addition to being openly raised and discussed are also treated in a way to provide solutions that are in the best interests of Bulgarian hauliers and the industry as a whole. Address: 1680 Sofia - BG,6 Iskarski prolom str.
  • Tel: (+359 2) 958 14 75, 958 14 76, 95814 13, 59 01 21
  • Fax: (+359 2) 958 10 91, 958 12 59
  • E-mail: aebtri@aebtri.com 

For contacts:
  • Mr. Plamen Tzalkov - Secretary General
  • Mrs. Vessela Kojuharova – Head of TIR Dept., tel: (+359 2) 958 24 11
  • Computer Systems Dept., tel: (+359 2) 958 10 93
  • Information Dept., tel: (+359 2) 958 10 56
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